Uploading Your Files?

Click on this link to transfer your files securely to our WeTransfer server:


Simply drag and drop the files and type in your contact email.


– Please submit the final mixes in .WAV or .AIFF;

– Make sure you upload the files in the SAME BIT DEPTH and SAMPLE RATE used in the mix! If necessary, we will contact you to request a version of the mix with STEMS (groups);

– As a suggestion, please send the artist / track name and some comments on what you expect from the mastering (sound aesthetics, references, etc);

– Technically speaking, just be aware of the peak levels¬†(I recommend leaving a margin of 2 to 3 dB’s below 0 dBFS)! There is no restriction or rule regarding the loudness (LUFS or RMS levels) of your mix. Any level between -20 and -13 LUFS will be OK for the service. Only avoid loudness levels well below these to reduce unnecessary noise floor in your mix!

– Any master bus processing¬†CAN BE maintained in the mix as long as you don’t have a limiter acting too strongly. If in doubt, just send it the way you finished it and, if necessary, we will ask for the adjustments.


When hiring the mastering services through this website, you agree to these terms of service:

1 – After contacting us through our contact form, you’ll receive the agreement, payment and file upload information. After completing your payment and sending the material for the service, we will get back to you within 24 hours. You will receive a feedback with the approval of the material or recommendations for adjustments;

2 – For mastering services, you will receive as delivery items: final files in .WAV in the original resolution, .WAV in 16 bits / 44.1 kHz and MP3 in 320 kbps. For EP’s or albums that require physical duplication, the final master in DDPi is also generated free of charge (please request upon hiring);

3 – The mastering services include recalls (or revisions) free of charge IF THE ADJUSTMENTS ARE DONE ON THE ORIGINAL FILES. Changes in the mix which will create a new file to be remastered MAY BE CHARGED AS A NEW SERVICE. Please avoid back and forth by checking the final files being sent to mastering.