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Music is personal to most clients; when these people approach us, they require professionals to assist them with their technical needs. To cater to our client’s requirements, We, as WeMasterMusic, provide you with the help of mixing and mastering engineer Nando Costa, being nominated with one of his works by the Latin Grammy Awards on the category “Best Instrumental Album” in 2020. Costa had graduated in Music Production and engineering from the Berklee College of Music and is also an award winner by the Acoustical Society of America and by Berklee’s Music Production and Engineering department. Nando Costa is from Brazil and there he had the opportunity to work with famous Brazilian and international music names in recent years. These include the artist Emmerson Nogueira, who is platinum-certified; Milton Nascimento, the recipient of a Grammy award; American guitarist Stanley Jordan and the Brazilian pop group “Rouge,” which itself is a recipient of a Latin Grammy nomination. Costa has put together over 60 full albums in his profession, followed by hundreds of singles for creators from different parts of the globe.

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